Design consulting

Design is more important than ever for businesses that want to reach new customers online. A good design helps to put your company “in the right light”. S.L. supports companies that want to optimise their online business with design consulting.

With the right design, you can appeal to your customers, market your products and services better and thus open up new business opportunities.

Brand design and brand launch

Design is an essential part of any successful brand. Design entails everything a customer sees, hears, smells, tastes, feels and thinks about a brand. It helps customers connect and build a relationship with a brand.

For businesses that want to reach new customers online, it is important that their design is professional and appealing. A design consultancy can help companies develop and implement the right strategy for their design. S.L. supports companies in developing a unique brand that attracts customers and attracts the attention of the media.

Corporate Branding

Your company is online, but you are not reaching the desired target group or new customers? Then a design consultancy could be the solution for your company. The aim of design consulting is to analyse and improve the impact of your website and your digital communication. The main thing is to adapt your website to the needs of your target group.

With the help of S.L. you can optimise your corporate branding and reach your target group online. We support you in adapting your website and your digital communication tools to the needs of your customers. This way you can successfully position your company online and win new customers.

Sustainable design strategies

You have a beautiful new webshop, but after a few days you realise that customers aren’t visiting it as abundantly as you had hoped. Your first thought is that you might be selling the wrong products – but before you change everything, take a look at the design of your website.

It is well known that the design of a website has a great influence on customers. The website should correspond to the company’s purpose and address the right target group. In addition, the website must be easy and intuitive to use so that customers do not become frustrated and leave the site.

A good website design is crucial if you want to reach new customers online. But what exactly is good design and how can you ensure that your website conveys the right message? S.L. is a design company with more than 15 years of experience in creating and implementing sustainable design strategies. We specialise in consulting, planning and implementing online marketing campaigns and projects.

Communication tools and web-based applications

Design consultancy is an indispensable tool for reaching customers online. The right design of a website, an online shop or a web-based application is crucial for the success of a company. Because an appealing and clear design helps to attract new customers and strengthen the loyalty of existing customers. S.L. is a full-service provider for the design and development of digital communication tools and web-based applications. We consult and support our clients in the successful design of their digital presences.

Product development and optimisation

Design is an important tool when it comes to developing and optimising products. The right design can help to attract customers and strengthen the brand. S.L. is a leading company specialising in design consultancy and product development. For more than 15 years, we have been helping our customers to be successful online.

Our designers and consultants have many years of experience and know exactly what it takes to develop products that attract customers and strengthen the brand.

Commissioning and briefing

Businesses that want to reach new customers online should consider a design consultation. Design consultants help businesses reach their target audience and offer a variety of services to help them create their website.

This includes choosing the right colours, fonts and graphics, creating an appealing layout and developing a unique user experience. In addition, design consultants help companies to develop a strategic online marketing plan.

We consult you on the design of your website, carry out the commissioning for you and support you in briefing your designers. Reaching more customers online has never been easier!